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The Spa Valley Railway is owned and operated by the Wealden Railway Co.Ltd with support from the Tunbridge Wells & Eridge Railway Preservation Society.

The day to day running of the railway is managed by the General Manager with support from the Leadership Team & its Chairman. The Wealden Railway Co.Ltd is managed by its Directors with support from the General Manager. The Tunbridge Wells & Eridge Railway Preservation Society is managed by its Trustees headed by the Chairman, all volunteers are members of this society.

To contact any member of our team you can do so by email. Email address' are simply forename.surname@spavalleyrailway.co.uk. For all general enquiries please direct them to ticket.office@spavalleyrailway.co.uk. 

The Leadership Team

  • Chairman – Chris MacRae (Safety & Operations Manager)
  • General Manager – Jonnie Wesson (Emails to Matt Futter in the first instance please)
  • PA to the General Manager – Matt Futter
  • Finance Manager – Stephen Woolven
  • Assistant Operations Manager - Chris Hobden
  • Carriage & Wagon Manager – Jon Nye
  • Catering Managers – Carol Barnett
  • C.I.C Homefleet Diesel Locomotives & Plant - Brian Humber
  • Marketing & Promotions Manager – Jacqui Sparks
  • Permanent Way Manager – Vacant, contact our GM here if interested (Acting P-Way Manager covered by C.MacRae)
  • Signalling Manager – Vacant, contact our GM here if interested.
  • Steam Engineering Manager – Sam Gorsuch
  • Steam Engineering Assistant – Matt Dives
  • Telecoms Manager – Mark Patrick
  • Meeting Secretary – Tony Crofts
  • Dave Henderson
  • Chris Bower
  • Malcolm Henderson
  • Stuart Pay
  • Vicky Skinner

For commercial matters please contact our General Manager. (Emails to Matt Futter in the first instance please)

Marketing & PR Agency

Tunbridge Wells and Eridge Railway Preservation Society Ltd - Charity registered no. 1039493, Company registered no. 2129019

  • Chairman - Chris MacRae
  • Secretary - Tony Crofts

Trustees & Directors of the Society:

  • Chris Bower
  • Tony Crofts
  • Matt Dives
  • Dave Henderson
  • Malcolm Henderson
  • Chris MacRae
  • Jon Nye
  • Stuart Pay
  • Jonnie Wesson

Wealden Railway Company Ltd - Company Registered No.1936470


  • Chris MacRae
  • Jon Nye
  • Vicky Skinner
  • Stephen Woolven

Other Responsible Persons

Roster Clerks

Locomotive/Operations Dept

  • Charlie Ralph

Guards & TTI Dept

  • Tony Dixon

Catering Dept. (Kate, Emily & Dining)

  • Carol Barnett

Forge Farm Crossing Dept

  • Dave Henderson

Signalman Dept

  • Mark Hemsley

Tunbridge Wells West Station Staff

  • Carol Barnett

Groombridge Station Staff

  • Peter Gilbert

Eridge Station Staff

  • Tony Crofts/Paul Guntrip

Administrative Team

  • Jonnie Wesson (General, Commercial, Marketing & day to day)
  • Matt Futter (Ticketing Systems, IT/Website & day to day) 
  • Carol Barnett (Catering/Special Bookings)
  • Peter Barnett (Catering/Special Bookings)
  • Stephen Woolven (Finance)
  • Mark Dodd (IT) 

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