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Locomotive Roster

• G = Green timetable
 P = Purple timetable
• X = Special Event
• SPR = Spare

Throughout May, June, July and for the earlier part of August, visiting Lancashire & Yorkshire steam locomotive No. 52322 will be operating regularly alongside one of our home based diesel locomotives.

The roster below is what we plan to operate and is for indication only. We reserve the right to alter or make changes to this roster on the day or before the running without prior notification or change. 

May 2018
  62 52322 2591 D3489 33063 33201 73140 1317
Sunday 20th   G         G  
Saturday 26th   G         G  
Sunday 27th   G          
Monday 28th   G          
Tuesday 29th               P
Wednesday 30th               P
Thursday 31st  G            G  
June 2018
Saturday 2nd   G       G    
Sunday 3rd   G         G  
Thursday 7th G           G  
Saturday 9th   G         G  
Sunday 10th   G       G    
Thursday 14th G           G  
Saturday 16th   G       G    
Sunday 17th   G       G    
Thursday 21st G           G  
Saturday 23rd   G       G    
Sunday 24th   G       G    
Thursday 28th             G  
Saturday 30th X X   X   X    


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