Spa Valley Railway

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Stock List

Steam Engines

The railway is currently home to 9 steam engines. 3 are ex-British Rail with the remainder coming from an industrial background such as the National Coal Board.

Class: Number: Livery: Current Status:
3F Jinty 47493 BR Black Early Logo Undergoing Overhaul
J94 68077 N/A Stored
A1X Terrier 'Sutton' 32650 N/A Undergoing Overhaul 
Peckett 'Fonmon' 1636 Lined Green Stored/For Sale
Bagnall 'Topham' 2193 Formally Blackberry Black


Robert Stephenson & Hawthorne RSH 'North Downs'   Formally Royal Blue Stored - Possibly for Sale/Hire
Andrew Barclay 'Lady Ingrid' 2315   Undergoing Overhaul
RSH 'Samson' 57   Stored
RSH 'Ugly' 62 Original Stewarts & Lloyds Green Under repair

Diesel Locomotives & Multiple Units

The railway is home to 7 Diesel Locomotives and two Diesel Multiple Units, most of which are in working order. Our BR Class 207 'Thumper' 1317 operated on the last day of BR services on the line before closure in 1985.

Class: Number: Livery: Current Status:
Drewry Car Company 'Southerham' 2591 Unlined black  Under overhaul
10 'Colonel Tomline' D3489 Unlined Black In service
12 15224 BR Green Late Crest Stored
33/0 'R J Mitchell' 33063 Railfreight Undergoing repairs
33/0 'Sealion' 33065   Undergoing overhaul
37/0 'Driver Robin Prince MBE' 37254 Intercity Swallow Stopped
73/0 73140 Network South East In service
Wickham Trolley DS3327   Stored

Diesel (Electrical*) Multiple Units

Class Number Livery Current Status
207 Thumper (3 Car)

1317 (207017)

DMBSO - S60142

TC - S60616

DTSO - S60916

BR Blue & Grey

In service as a 2 Car unit

101 Driving Trailer 54408 BR Green In service
115 (2 Car)   BR Green Stored

Engines previously based on the railway

Class Number Livery Where did it go?



BR Blue

Swindon & Cricklade Railway

Polish TKh 'Hotspur' 2944 Green Churnet Valley Railway
Andrew Barclays 'Princess Margaret' 376 Green Tysley Locomotive Works
Polish TKh 'Spartan' 3135 Maroon Swindon & Cricklade Railway

Visiting Engines 

Class Number Livery Where from? Current Status
Hunslet Austerity WD75105/3155 Dark Green Ribble Steam Railway In Service - on long term hire
Vulcan Austerity  72 NCB Black Mangapps Farm Railway In Service - on hire until October
205 DEMU 1133 BR Green Lavender Line In Service - on hire until August
14 D9539 BR Green Ribble Steam Railway In Service - on hire until September
20 D8098 BR Green Great Central Railway In Service - on hire until October
25 D7612 BR Green South Devon Railway In Service - on hire until October


Type Number Livery Current Satus
Metropolitan Railway T-Stock 2749 Metropolitan Maroon Stored / Available for sale or hire
Metropolitan Railway T-Stock 2758 Metropolitan Maroon Stored / Available for sale or hire
BR Mk1 BCK Brake Composite Corridor 21214 BR Maroon In Service
BR Mk1 SO Second Open 4828 BR Green In Service
BR MK1 TSO Tourist Second Open 4999 BR Green (one side only) BR Blue & Grey the other. In Service
BR MK1 TSO Tourist Second Open 5037 BR Green Undergoing Overhaul
BR MK1 SK Second Corridor 25845 BR Maroon In Service
BR MK2 BSO Brake Second Open 9414 BR Green In Service
Ex BR Mk1 SK converted to Mk1 SOB (Second Open Buffet) 'Kate' 25843 BR Green In Service
Trailer Second Open Restaurant Buffet (TSORB) 'Emily' S69306 BR Green

Static Buffet at
Tunbridge Wells West

BR MK1 BG Brake Gangway  92111 Intercity Stored.

Brake Vans

Type Number Livery Current Status
Queen Mary   BR Engineers Olive Green In Service
London Transport 4 wheeled B560 London Transport Grey In Service
LMS 4w 730767 BR Bauxite Brown In Service




Current Status

LT Dec with LT Jib Carrier DC689 & JC662 Stored
15ton with match wagon 70227 Stored
Weltrol with HAP Hydraulic 9000927 Stored

We also have various wagons and engineers coaches on the railway which include PMVs, CCTs, Bogie B, GLV, BR SHOC and MOD Vans, LMS 3 Plank, Dogfish Hoppers, RUDDS, Weltrol, Lowmac, Flatrol, Sturgeon and Salmon. A lot of these vehicles see use on Engineers Trains however we occasionally re-create a Freight Train at Special Events or for photo charters.