Spa Valley Railway

"Just wanted to say what a great time we had a couple of weeks ago with our train ride to see Fireman Sam."


Quick links to some forthcoming events:-

Kids for a Quid: Thurs 18th Feb, Fri 19th Feb, Sat 20th Feb

Driver Experience: Sat 23rd April - Steam, Sunday 1st May - Diesel, Friday 20th May - Steam, Sunday 22nd May - DieselSaturday 18th June - Diesel Sunday 19th June - Steam

Day out with Thomas: 9th April, 10th April, 16th April, 17th April

Dining & Special Trains

NEW! Valentines Wine Specials: 14th Feb - Enjoy a glass of Wine with a loved one whilst enjoying a wonderful ride through the High Weald countryside.

NEW! Curry Express: 12th March - Enjoy a Chicken Curry on the 18:15 service from Tunbridge Wells West!

High Weald Belle: 27th March24th Apr, 22nd May, 26th June, 3rd July, 24th July, 21st Aug, 25th Sept, 16th Oct.

Fish and Chip Lunchtime: 18th Feb, 2nd June, 23rd June, 11th Aug, 25th Aug, 27th Oct,

Fish and Chip Evening (including murder mystery, which are shown as MM next to the date and Ales on the Rails which are shown as RAT next to the date): 2nd Apr (RAT), 30th Apr (RAT)14th May (MM), 11th June (RAT), 16th July (MM), 6th Aug (RAT), 27th Aug (RAT), 17th Sept (MM)15th Oct, 3rd Dec (MM).

Ales on the Rails - The Real Ale train!: 2nd April, 30th April, 11th June, 6th August & 27th August.

NEW FOR 2016!

Pie, mash and a pint:  7th May5th August (RAT)3rd September

Full event listings are shown below :-

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