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15th Annual Summer Diesel Gala

Four days of heritage diesel action with a visiting Deltic too!

Our annual and well known four day Summer Diesel extravaganza, which is a major part of our 20th anniversary year, will commence at 09:30 on Thursday 3rd August and see a variety of locomotives in action over the four day event. We hope to be able to theme the Thursday much closer to the event, watch this space!
The first visiting locomotive for the 2017 Summer Diesel Gala is Class 33/0 D6501 courtesy of South Devon Diesel Traction. The visiting Crompton, so named after the locomotives electrical equipment, is the first to the line in British Railways Green livery.
The second visiting locomotive to our diesel extravaganza is Class 20 D8188 courtesy of the Somerset & Dorset Locomotive Company. This locomotive brings us a 20 in our 20th year, usually based at the Severn Valley Railway is making a trip away to us for a couple of weekends. These very popular locomotives are now quite a rarity in preservation with a lot seeing service on the national rail network. 
The third visiting locomotive, and by far the most powerful to have ever worked on the Spa Valley line is a Class 55 'Deltic' 55019 'Royal Highland Fusilier, courtesy of the Deltic Preservation Society. This iconinc diesel locomotive, one of the most well known of its type around Britian will remain on the line throughout August for a Deltic Dazzling Summer! The locomotive is available for Driver Experience too, more details in due course!
Along the line will be a lineup of 20 real ales and 5 ciders, most will be available from our bar car 'Kate' which is located on set A of our trains.

  • Drewry 2591 'Southerham'
  • Class 09 09026 'Cedric Wares'
  • Class 10 D3489 'Colonel Tomline'

  • Class 20 D8188 - Courtesy of the Somerset & Dorset Locomotive Company
  • Class 31 31289 'Phoenix' 
  • Class 33/0 D6501 - Courtesy of South Devon Diesel Traction
  • Class 33/0 33063 'R.J.Mitchell'
  • Class 55 55019 'Royal Highland Fusilier' - Courtesy of the Deltic Preservation Society
  • Class 73 73140
  • Class 207 DEMU 1317
All of the above locomotives/units are subject to availability.

 Adult Day Rover
 Child Day Rover
 Adult Two Day Rover
 Child Two Day Rover
 Adult Three Day Rover
 Child Three Day Rover
 Adult Four Day Rover
 Child Four Day Rover
 Adult Evening Rover (from 18:00)
 Child Evening Rover (from 18:00)
Child tickets are 2-15yrs.
Single fares available upon request, standard returns not available.
Day Rover Ticket is valid for travel on the date shown from the start of service to the end, you DO NOT need to purchase an additional ticket to travel on any evening services or brake van rides.
There will be no other fares available over the event, nor is any form of discount available such as HRA passes, reciprocal travel or BR Privs.

Tunbridge Wells West
  • Our buffet car 'Emily' serving light refreshments.
  • Part of shed open for public viewing subject to staff availability.
  • Sales stands including the Network South East Society & South East Locomotive Group.
  • 'Driver for a Tenner' to the East/West Siding from our platform and return.
  • Brake van rides with the 2591, 09026 & D3489.
  • Class 09/10 drags into Tunbridge Wells West station over the event.
  • Viewing gallery at the end of the main platform.
  • Station shop stocking a large variety of diesel traction produce.
High Rocks
  • Access to the famous High Rocks or Tea Garden Lane which can provide great photographic opportunities.
  • High Rocks Inn and garden.
  • A great place to watch the trains from the Inns' garden.
  • Please note that not all trains will not serve High Rocks.
  • Trains passing all four days.
  • Rare track mileage in Groombridge carriage sidings at selected times through the gala.
  • Refreshments, including real ale, available at the station.
  • Lots of books on our bookstall under the Tunbridge Wells West end canopy, grab a bargain!
  • Driver for a Fiver/Brake Van Rides with our Drewry locomotive from the station to the Ashurst Spur & rtn
  • Mainline connections with Southern services to Central London, East Croydon, Oxted and Uckfield.
  • Our very popular BBQ serving locally produced fare.
  • Real ale and cider bar in the waiting room all three days along with snacks, hot and cold drinks.
  • 'Driver for a Fiver' in Eridge Bay.
  • Visits to the 'South of Eridge' when possible.
  • Locomotives detaching and arriving into Eridge Bay from the departing train.
Our very popular BBQ will be making a return for its 9th Diesel event and will be at Eridge on Friday, Saturday & Sunday of the event. On offer will be locally produced burgers (with onions and cheese) sausages (with onions in a roll) and also bacon rolls at breakfast time! These will be the very popular Burgers & Sausages from our 2016 events sourced from our local butchers.

Our award winning on train bar will be open all four days from the first trains departure to the last trains arrival, this includes the Friday and Saturday evening trains. 'Kate' will be open for the sale of real ale and cider, sandwiches, crisps, biscuits and other light refreshments during the day.
Our ex BIG TSO(RB) from unit No.2254 (Buffet Brighton, B for Buffet and IG the LB&SCR telegraphic code for Brighton) will be open on all four days serving, pasties and sausage rolls as well as hot & cold drinks and light snacks.
Located on the station platform will be our 'Bar in the Van' set up in our van body which can be found near to the Signal Box. There will be at least 3 real ales on offer!
Our very popular BBQ will be back here once more on the platform serving locally produced fare, also in the waiting room on Platform 2/3 you'll find a fine selection of real ales and ciders to keep the thirst at bay! 

Over all four days of the event there will be the opportunity to drive certain locos and also ride in their cabs, Drive a Loco will take place at Groombridge using our Drewry locomotive No.2591 'Southerham' and will operate from the platform to the end of the Ashurst Spur & rtn. A unique opportunity to travel down what is a very rare section of our railway!
The cab rides from either Tunbridge Wells West or Eridge will be £20 per single trip, cab rides on the Groombridge only shuttles on the Friday or Saturday of the gala are just £10 per single trip!
Cab rides and Drive a Loco will be for sale in June 2017.

There are many places to stay in Tunbridge Wells West during the summer but we suggest you book in advance to make sure you can stay over and enjoy the whole gala!
  • Tunbridge Wells Bed and Breakfast - Click here
  • The Lancers Bed & Breakfast - Click here
  • The Brick House Bed & Breakfast - Click here
  • Alconbury Guest House Bed and Breakfast - Click here
  • Tunbridge Wells Travelodge - Click here - sells out fast and also the cheapest hotel. 
  • Smith and Western, just across the road from Tunbridge Wells West - Click here
The nearest campsites to the Spa Valley Railway can be found here, the campsite we run past is for Scout Groups only, not for the general public.
Being a very popular tourist destination, Royal Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding area can book up early for the Summer period so don't delay, reserve your room today!

The railway's Tunbridge Wells West address is: West Station, Neville Terrace, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN2 5QY and we can be located at the Western end of the town by Sainsbury's and Homebase. Brown tourist signs in the area will assist in guidance and there are two Pay & Display Car Parks within 5-10 minutes’ walk of Tunbridge Wells West Station located at Union House, Linden Close and Major York's Road. 
Eridge Station can be accessed off of the main A26 Tunbridge Wells to Lewes Road. The station has a large Pay & DIsplay Car Park and currently at weekends is just £2 to park all day.
There is very limited parking at Groombridge Station. High Rocks Station has a large free car park and signage is available from Tunbridge Wells to the Rocks themselves.
For Sat Navs the railway is located at the following post codes:
  • Tunbridge Wells West: TN2 5QY
High Rocks: TN3 9JJ

  • Groombridge: TN3 9RD

  • Eridge: TN3 9LE
The easiest station you can get to us via rail travel is Eridge where our trains depart from Platform 2 or you can arrive via Tunbridge Wells Mainline after a 10-15 minute walk down the town through the very famous Pantiles. Please check National Rail Enquiries before travelling.