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Standard Travel Return

Sit back and relax with our all day unlimited travel tickets, explore the countryside for as little as £12 per adult!

Standard travel tickets at the Spa Valley Railway are valid on all Green or Purple timetabled days throughout our calendar, they allow you to travel on the day as many times as you like. You do not have to book for a specific train time.
Please note these tickets are not valid on any special event days in our calendar. Please check our calendar before travelling to ensure we are operating.
When choosing your tickets we recommend you select e-tickets, this will allow you to print off your tickets at home on the day of your visit. Upon your arrival at the railway please visit our ticket office where your e-ticket will be exchanged for a more traditional one.
Joint tickets with Groombridge Place Gardens are also available too!
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Please check with your voucher booking provider for how to redeem your voucher. Vouchers bought through third parties must be redeemed through their voucher terms and conditions prior to arriving at a Spa Valley service. Travelzoo, Groupon, Buy a Gift & Virgin experience cannot be redeemed via this website. Please do not try to book and redeem your voucher through this site, it is not valid  and you will be charged full fares plus a booking fee, this is regardless of the code you apply in our discount section as they are not valid on our website.
Please note that any bookings made this way will not qualify for a refund.

Whilst we make every effort to operate with a steam locomotive where one is timetabled and also to operate our trains as they are described, for 
operational reasons we may occasionally need to use a heritage 1960s diesel locomotives, other carriages, an emergency timetable or otherwise.
The Spa Valley Railway reserves the right to make such changes for whatever reason without prior notice being given.