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Virgin Experience Days Customers COVID-19 Information

Virgin Experience Days Customers – PLEASE READ BEFORE CONTACTING US:
At the present time we are only able to accept SVS2C 'Cream Tea' vouchers on our services, which are taking place on 29th, 30th & 31st August. 

Virgin Travel for Two:
We cannot accept 'Travel for Two' at the time of writing, we are continuing to adapt our 1960s heritage carriages to make this possible however are awaiting delivery of material and then need some time to install screens within our carriages.

We politely request that you do not contact us regarding Travel for Two at the moment due to the limited number of volunteers able to reply to these emails. We hope to get Travel for Two tickets on sale for August 29th, 30th & 31st within the next two weeks, subject to materials being delivered to enable us to adapt our carriages.

Due to the Social Distancing measures and the costs we incur (Coal, Water, Oil, Electricity, Locomotive Operating Fees, Internet, CCTV, Telephones etc) operating our trains we cannot financially justify "Travel for Two" until this is complete.

Saturday Evening and Sunday Luncheon:
The Saturday Evening Dining (SVS2D or SVS4D) and Sunday Lunch (SVVS2 or SVVS4) trains will NOT return for the foreseeable future due to the Social Distancing measures. We are able to return some of our dining experiences as the products can be placed on the tables prior to boarding or table service is extremely limited by the nature of the service.

Unfortunately, despite various methods being discussed we have concluded, at the present time it is not possible (on a heritage train) for a 3 or 5-course meal to be provided nor it is possible to do using the usual crockery, cutlery and glassware which would detract from the product that we offer. 

We are however able to offer an alternative in the form of an enhanced, three course Ploughman's Lunch on Saturday 12th September. Please click here for details and then contact us directly if you wish to book (only valid for those holding an SVSD2, SVSD4, SVVS2 or SVVS4 voucher).

We are continuing to investigate methods of re-introducing these services but await further guidance.

For all those with a voucher that you cannot book all we can advise you do is contact your voucher provider to discuss your options, we have sent them information advising them of the present situation. We ourselves cannot extend vouchers or book you in for a service (other than a Cream Tea which you can now book via the usual method) at the moment. If you do decide to contact the Spa Valley Railway all we are able to do is provide you with the information shown above, this is the latest update we are able to provide. 

We thank you for your understanding at this extremely difficult time for our heritage railway.

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