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Railway Test Track & Training Facility

Training and Test Track facilities
The Spa Valley Railway offers facilities for testing and demonstrating new and overhauled railway equipment and rolling stock, plus a training room and training ground for track based staff training.

Obtaining suitable rail based facilities at the right time and cost to suit your business is becoming increasingly difficult. The Spa Valley Railway is located just 18 miles from the M25 and 35 miles from central London, with good rail and road connections. 

Our facilities are available both for advanced booking, and frequently also at short notice.  Full weekday track possessions can often be arranged if required.  We can offer a range of rail types and fixings, track formations, structures and gradients suitable for both low-speed and static testing. Our dedicated track training ground includes short sections of 3rd and 4th conductor rail, and a variety of current standard rail fittings. We can also offer areas suitable for vegetation management, drainage, structures examination, ultrasonic rail testing and a multitude of other railway associated trades

Although not physically connected to the National Network, our site at Tunbridge Wells West has a level unloading area able to receive rail or road/rail vehicles, and is regularly used by the major road/rail heavy haulage companies. Royal Tunbridge Wells has good rail and road access for your staff and visitors. The town also offers a variety of accommodation, dining and entertainment establishments, all within easy walking distance of the Spa Valley Railway.


Our facilities in summary:

We have already provided training and testing facilities for track tamping machines, road rail vehicle training, vegetation flailing & spraying demonstrations. We also host equipment demonstrations, fencing operations, bridge examination, track induction courses, track tools training and locomotive/machine driver training. We have also previously hosted Network Rail for Rail Incident Officer Level 2 training so are familar with scenarios involving the emergency services and first responders in a controlled and safe environment.

We will be happy to work with you to find a solution to your training or testing needs. 

Please contact us here to discuss how we can help your company.