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High Rocks Station

Please note, during the COVID-19 pandemic High Rocks is closed. Please check with High Rocks themselves to see if they are open. 

Alight at High Rocks for the eponymous ancient sandstone outcrops and country walks, if you want to see one of our trains from high up above the High Rocks is the place to go! Set in the gardens of the High Rocks Inn, it's an ideal place to sit and watch the trains go by, opened in 1998 as the original halt closer to Tunbridge Wells West closed in the 1950s our current station is popular with Wedding parties and tourists alike, there aren't many stations with an Inn next door!

High Rocks Opening Hours
The High Rocks themselves are open to the public from 10:15 Wednesday to Sunday (inc Bank Holiday Monday's) throughout the year, please note that they are closed on Monday's (which aren't a Bank Holiday) & Tuesday's.

High Rocks Entry Tickets
Entry Tickets to the High Rocks are sold in the lower Public Bar in the High Rocks Inn. The rocks cannot be accessed by under 18s. 

There is a ramp from High Rocks Lane to the platform, or enter via High Rocks Inn. The Inn has a large free car park that passengers may use, please note if you are boarding at this station you will normally find the access gate shut, as soon as the train arrives the Guard will open the gate and let you board our train!

The gate is then shut again before the train departs, this isn't to stop you travelling just to make sure all the happy users of High Rocks can't stray onto our platform during a busy Wedding for example.

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