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The Spa Valley Railway is pleased to offer all passengers a range of facilities to enable them to enjoy their day out with us. Most areas can be accessed from the level or by wheelchair-friendly ramps. 

Tunbridge Wells West

West Station has level access by footpath from Sainsbury’s car park. Visitors can be dropped off nearby, and the ticket office, shop and toilets are all on the same level. There is a unisex disabled toilet.

Although it is not possible to offer wheelchair access to our static buffet car, our friendly staff are always on hand to bring refreshments to you at one of the concourse picnic tables, and assist in any way possible. 

High Rocks

Access to the station is down a series of ramps from the car park and road, but please note that the path is made from small shingle. Passengers alighting at High Rocks can gain access to the pub garden by crossing a mown grass area. 


There is level access to all areas of Groombridge station. The entrance is alongside the old station building, but please note parking in front of the building is not permitted as it is now in private ownership. Passengers can however be dropped off near the entrance and there is a small parking area alongside the station approach road under the horse chestnuts. The Spa Valley station building has two wheelchair-accessible toilets and a refreshment kiosk. 


Due to the fact that Eridge is an original country station dating from the 1880s, the platforms are regrettably only accessible via five steps up from the car park, or down a flight of stairs from Southern's booking hall. However, should passengers wish to alight from the train at Eridge, this can be done via the purpose-built ramp carried in the Guard's van, and our staff will be pleased to assist.

Travelling on the train

We have adapted a passenger saloon carriage to accommodate three wheelchairs in the same format as seats. There are two spaces positioned at a table for four and facing two conventional seats, and a third across an open bay facing two further seats. Access to this carriage is by means of a purpose-built ramp which is carried on the train. The Guard or one of his assistants will be pleased to put this in position and provide whatever help you may require.

Converted with wheelchair users in mind, this coach has a wider corridor and doors, and seats have been removed to allow wheelchairs to be turned and positioned at a table if required. Once aboard, passengers can sit with family and friends, admire the passing scenery and enjoy refreshments from the adjacent Buffet Car. 

Although this carriage is in service on most days, it is strongly advised that disabled visitors telephone the Railway in advance, as occasionally it is taken out of traffic for maintenance. Also, if party organisers could contact us beforehand, we can ensure sufficient staff are on hand to give assistance if required.

The Good Access Guide lists various attractions which have improved access for disabled people, including the Spa Valley Railway. This includes shops, businesses and visitor attractions.

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