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The Spa Valley Railway offers a number of refreshment options to passengers. These include our static buffet car 'Emily' at Tunbridge Wells, the refreshment bars at Groombridge and Eridge, and of course our award winning Bar Car 'Kate', which we endeavour to run on green timetable trains, plus during many special events.

Dining in the Weald
In addition to our catering outlets, we run a wide variety of dining services throughout the year - more information on these can be found here.

On Train Catering
During the COVID-19 pandemic we are unable to offer buffet car 'Emily' or bar car 'Kate' in service as usual. An on train trolley service is in operation instead, subject to volunteers. We hope to return 'Kate' to operation later this year along with another on train buffet carriage. 

The Groombridge Station Refreshment Kiosk has been developed by the FROGS (Friends Of Groombridge Station!). This building was formerly a farm shop selling asparagus near Tunbridge Wells. It has been completely refurbished to meet current standards, and sells a full range of light refreshments, it has been adapted to be COVID secure too. 

We have been busy during 2020 and 2021 to restore a Southern Railway PMV to go to Eridge as a catering outlet, we hope to open this facilitate later this year to provide drinks, snacks and other refreshements. Until then we are unable to offer catering at Eridge other than special events using external suppliers.

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