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Locomotive Roster

August & Septemnber 2017

'Ring Haw'
4MT 80078 62
72 D8059 5518 31289 33063 33201 50026 1317
Saturday 12th  P       P          DVR  
P       P DVR          
Tuesday 15th                     C
Wednesday 16th                    
Thursday 17th     A                
Saturday 19th     A     A          
    A     A          
Tuesday 22nd                     C
Wednesday 23rd                     C
Thursday 24th     C                
Saturday 26th   X X? X?   X   X X X X
Sunday 27th   X X? X?   X   X X X X
Monday 28th   X X? X?   X   X X X X
Tuesday 29th                     C
Wednesday 30th                     C
Thursday 31st   C                  
Saturday 2nd   A                  
Sunday 3rd   A                  
Thursday 7th     C? C?              
Saturday 9th     A? A?       A      
Sunday 10th     A? A?       A      
Saturday 16th       A   A          
Sunday 17th       A   A          


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