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Locomotive Roster

Locomotive Roster

Throughout November and December THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Ride operates, there is no capacity to carry anyone other than pre-booked ticket holders on these train services.

THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Ride will be hauled by a steam and diesel locomotive from the folliwing pool of available engines:

Due to the nature of this event using some electrically heated carriages the Class 25 and 73 are not ordinarily used unless it is essential. The steam locomotive will be on the Tunbridge Wells West end of the train and the diesel on the Eridge end of the train.

After Christmas our Class 207 DEMU 1317 will operate from 27th December 2023 to 1st January 2024. Trains operate every weekend in January, February and throughout the year. 

Locomotive allocations may change (including on the day) subject to maintenance work and are always subject to availability. 

We strongly recommend that, if you are visiting for a specific locomotive(s), you contact us the day prior to confirm the likely locomotive(s) in use. 

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