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Locomotive Roster
G1S = Green Timetable, 10:20 (on rear), 12:00 & 15:20 from Tunbridge Wells West, 11:15, 14:35 & 16:15 (on rear) from Eridge.
G1D = Green Timetable, 10:20 & 15:20 from Tunbridge Wells West, 12:55 & 16:15 from Eridge.
Y = Yellow Timetable
P = Purple Timetable, 10:20, 12:00, 13:40 & 15:20 from Tunbridge Wells West, 11:15, 12:55 14:35 & 16:15 from Eridge.
X = Special Event, different timetable in use.
• SPR = Spare, available if required.
SPL = Special Charter (such as dining trains).
• DVR = Driver Ex.
PRIV = Private Charter, not for public use.
GBR = Groombridge Only Service, no trains to/from Eridge.

The roster below is what we plan to operate and is for indication only. We reserve the right to alter or make changes to this roster on the day or before the running without prior notification or change. 

Last Updated 01/02/19.

  62 1982 2591 31430 33063 33201 73140 1497  1317
February 2019
Saturday 2nd                 GBR
Sunday 3rd                 GBR
Saturday 9th   G1S         G1D    
Sunday 10th   G1S         G1D    
Saturday 16th   G1S         G1D     
Sunday 17th   G1S         G1D     
Wednesday 20th                
Thursday 21st   G1S      G1D        
Saturday 23rd   G1S      G1D        
Sunday 24th   G1S      G1D        
March 2019
Saturday 2nd   G1S       G1D        
Sunday 3rd   G1S      G1D        
Saturday 9th     X X X X X X  
Sunday 10th     X X X X X X  
Saturday 16th    G1S      G1D        
Sunday 17th    G1S      G1D        
Saturday 23rd    G1S         G1D     
Sunday 24th    G1S         G1D     



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