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Spa Valley Railway Customers & Visitors COVID-19 Information

Please CLICK HERE for our COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions.

Following the UK Government’s latest announcement on the rule of 6, we can confirm that we are still permitted to open and welcome passengers aboard all our services, including dining trains.

Families and social bubbles are unaffected by this change, furthermore, as we are running at reduced capacity on our trains with seats being blocked off to ensure social distancing and have a COVID process in place to protect visitors, we are able to carry on with the new normal.

Our seat allocations only permit groups of six or less within one Compartment or are allocated as bays of 2 or 4 in Open Coaches where we have screens in place to separate groups sitting back to back.

Face coverings are required on all our services. Dining customer may remove face coverings when not consuming food or drink.

We have re-opened and you can book online via this website for a Spa Valley Railway experience.

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