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All Customers
Enquiries regarding any ticket bookings should be emailed to where our Customer Services team will be happy to assist you. Please allow up to 3 working days for responses, however we will always try to assist sooner wherever possible.

THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Ride at Spa Valley Railway


Please do not contact the Spa Valley Railway directly relating to this event, we are the location the event takes place rather than the organising company. If you have any ticket or booking questions we will not be able to help you. You must contact the company either via the link above or below to find the answer to your question. Thank you for your understanding. POLAR EXPRESS CONTACT FORM

Group Bookings - for 20 or more persons when booked in advance only
For those contacting us regarding Group Bookings, the Spa Valley Railway offers the following discounts on Green Timetable Days only. 

If you are making an enquiry for a group booking we need to know the following information to quote accurately: Date you wish to travel, the time of train you wish to travel on, the number of persons you wish to book for.

If you are interested in dates of dining train operation or a particular type, the quickest way to check is by clicking here, find the dining train you would like to book and scoll to the bottom of the page to see the available dates. We do not offer additional or alternative dates as there will likely already be another dining experience in our calendar. 

Please note, to secure a booking for a dining experience payment must be made in full at the time of booking. 

Fundraising/Raffle Prizes
Due to the high volume of fundraising requests that we receive, and the fact that we are a registered charity ourselves, the Spa Valley Railway is unable to support raffles or assist with fundraising requests. We would like to take this opportunity to wish you luck with all your fundraising events. We politely request that persons do not send enquiries regarding fundraising or raffle prizes.

Christmas 2021
Please note that we are NOT operating Santa Specials in 2021, we are instead operating 
THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Ride at Spa Valley Railway. You can book online here, please do not contact us directly through this page regarding THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Ride at Spa Valley Railway. You must use the link here instead.

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