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Spring Diesel & Beer Weekend!

Important Booking information

If you select an e-ticket please ensure you print it off and bring it with you on the day! All tickets are valid unlimited travel on the Spa Valley Railway on the day of your visit/date shown on ticket. 

Note that a £10 admin fee applies to all booking alterations. Seats are NOT guaranteed.

Click here to view our refund, cancellation and alterations policy

Select your tickets for Sun 22 Mar 2020

Adult 1 Rover

  • Price each:- £15.00

Adult 2 Day Rover

  • Price each:- £25.00

Child 1 Rover

  • Price each:- £7.50

Child 2 Day Rover

  • Price each:- £12.50

Family 1 Day Rover

  • Price each:- £30.00

Family 2 Day Rover

  • Price each:- £45.00

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  • e-Tickets are available until Sun 22 Mar 2020 20:00

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