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Footplate/Cab Rides

Thursday 2nd, Friday 3rd, Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th August

We're very pleased to offer the unique and privileged opportunity to travel up the front with the Driver!

Cab Rides - 24, 25th, 26th August 2019
Join one of our drivers up the front over the Bank Holiday for just £20 (diesel) or £40 (steam) per single trip! The chance to ride in the cab for just £20 is one not to be missed by any diesel fas, home fleet locomotives available. 

Please note the following terms and conditions applicable to ALL Footplate Rides:

Booking information

Each Footplate Ride is for one person at a time, there is not room for more than one person alongside the crew on the footplate, any guests you wish to bring with you will need to purchase travel tickets to ride on the train. 

You MUST bring your physical printed or e-ticket with you on the day to show the locomotive crew, therefore if you select an e-ticket please ensure you print it off and bring it with you on the day!

Note that a £10 admin fee applies to all booking alterations.

For our full refund, cancellations and alterations please see here.


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