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Recreating Brentor!

26th & 27th June

Recreating long lost West Country Class 34095 'Brentor'.

Visit the Spa Valley Railway over the weekend of 26th & 27th June 2021 to see a long lost Bulleid Pacific 34095 ‘Brentor’ being recreated as we change ‘Sir Keith Park’ to ‘Brentor’ for one weekend only!

‘Brentor’ was a West Country Bulleid Light Pacific built at Eastleigh works in October 1947 to the same design as Battle of Britain ‘Sir Keith Park’. This gives us the opportunity, thanks to Phill Brentor, the owner of cast nameplates, West Country scrolls and numperplates to change the identity of 34053 to that of 34095 on 26th & 27th June.

34095 worked right up until the end of steam on the Southern, being withdrawn after returning to Weymouth shed on 9th July 1967, the day the curtain came down on steam services in the South!

Tickets are available for unlimited travel behind 'Brentor' between Tunbridge Wells West & Eridge. 

Trains will depart from Tunbridge Wells West at 10:30, 11:55, 13:25, 14:45 and 16:15, they will be hauled by a heritage diesel between Tunbridge Wells West and Eridge and hauled back to Tunbridge Wells West by 'Brentor'.

We also have a Fish & Chip Supper and Real Ale Train on Saturday 26th, hauled by 'Brentor'. If you'd just like to travel on this service without dining then holders of our daytime travel tickets can travel on these evening dining trains at no extra cost.


Locomotive: Diesel Diesel   Diesel  Diesel Diesel  Diesel 
(Sat Only)
(Sat Only)
Tunbridge Wells West Dep: 10:30 11:55 13:25 14:45 16:15 19:00 20:15
High Rocks Dep: 10:37 12:02 13:32 14:52 16:22 - -
Groombridge Dep: 10:46 12:11 13:41 15:01 16:31 - -
Eridge Arr: 10:55 12:20 13:50 15:10 16:40 19:25 20:40
Locomotive: 34095 34095 34095 34095 34095 34095
(Sat Only)
(Sat Only)
Eridge Dep: 11:15 12:35 14:05 15:25 16:55 19:40 20:55
Groombridge Dep: 11:26 12:46 14:16 15:36 17:06 - -
High Rocks Dep: 11:33 12:53 14:23 15:43 17:13 -  -
Tunbridge Wells West Arr:  11:40  13:00  14:30  15:50  17:20  20:05  21:20

The 19:00 and 20:15 services from Tunbridge Wells West operate on Saturday 26th June only and NOT Sunday 27th June.

Following changes to the easing of restricitons, social distancing will continue on board but customers can travel all day and board or alight at any of our stations! High Rocks, Groombridge and Eridge are all open for full boarding and alighting to explore the surrounding areas too. 

Regular cleaning of our train door handles and other surfaces is taking place throughout the day and passengers are required to wear a facemask unless medically excempt whilst sat in an Open Carriage on inside our buildings, masks can be removed if seated in compartment coaches and the door is closed. 

How does it work?
Passengers do not have to pre-book unless they would like a guaranteed seat for a complete return trip without a break of journey.

On this website you can book one return trip and be allocated seats for one return trip, if you choose to alight at one of our stations we cannot guarantee you the same allocated seats for your return journey and you may need to sit elsewhere on the train. Your ticket is valid all day but your seat allocations only for one complete return trip without a break in your journey. 

Enthusiasts or visitors can travel all day if they wish but your allocated seating will only be for the one return trip you book - i.e. 10:30 out and back, the following trip you may be required to sit in another carriage where we've spare capacity. 

What to see and do along the line?


  1. Can I break my journey (i.e. alight at another station)? Yes, you can but we cannot guarantee you the same seats for your return later on.
  2. Are my seats allocated? Yes, but only for the one return trip without a break in journey, if you alight you may not be able to sit in these same seats on the next trip.
  3. Can I travel all day? Yes, but your allocated seats will only be for the specific round trip you have booked on, you may have to sit elsewhere to travel on another trip.
  4. How are you managing numbers? We are monitoring online bookings and limiting ticket sales on the day. We have extended the length of our train to accomodate extra passengers and reduced dining down to one coach giving extra capacity.
  5. Do I have to wear a face covering? Yes, unless you are exempt or sat in a compartment with a door closed, otherwise in enclosed spaces face coverings must be worn.
  6. Do I need to print my eTicket? You can either print or show your eTicket on a mobile device. 
  7. What stations are open? Tunbridge Wells West, High Rocks, Groombridge & Eridge are all open to board and alight at. 
  8. Does this mean I can arrive by mainline train at Eridge? Yes, if you wish to make use of our mainline connection you can start and/or finish at Eridge.
  9. How long is one return trip? Around 1hr 15 minutes.
  10. Are tickets for a return trip? Yes, all tickets sold online are for a return journey without break of journey, a return trip with break of journey but you aren't guaranteed the same seats later on or unlimited travel but seats are only allocated for the trip you have booked on. 
  11. Do I have to purchase tickets in advance? No, but we recommend it to avoid queuing and to guarantee seats for one return trip. Tickets are available on the day from all stations. 
  12. How much is it? £15 per adult, £14 per senior (60+), £7.50 per child (2-15yrs), £30 per family (2A+2C).



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Sat 26 Jun 2021
10:30 departing from: Travel All Day, Any Train!
11:55 departing from: Travel All Day, Any Train!
13:25 departing from: Travel All Day, Any Train!
14:45 departing from: Travel All Day, Any Train!
16:15 departing from: Travel All Day, Any Train!
Sun 27 Jun 2021
10:30 departing from: Travel All Day, Any Train!
11:55 departing from: Travel All Day, Any Train!
13:25 departing from: Travel All Day, Any Train!
14:45 departing from: Travel All Day, Any Train!
16:15 departing from: Travel All Day, Any Train!

Booking information

On the day of your visit you MUST have your eTickets available to show either in a print out or on a mobile device, both will be checked visually by a member of staff before boarding the train.

Note that a £10 admin fee applies to all booking alterations.

Click here to view our refund, cancellation and alterations policy

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