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Bulleid Pacific Driver Experience!

Saturday 27th January and Saturday 3rd February 2024

Drive Battle of Britain 34072 '257 Squadron' at the Spa Valley Railway!
Bring your childhood dreams to life as you step onto the footplate of a full-sized, fully operational steam locomotive Bulleid Pacific 34072 '257 Squadron' and take control of this magnificent engine.

A driving experience on the Spa Valley Railway is exactly that, it is your chance to drive a real life steam locomotive. You’ll learn all about the locomotive and controls, spend time on the regulator with our Driver, the shovel with the Fireman and even have a go on the green flag with the Guard as part of the crew yourself. This is a full day experience which includes joining our locomotive crew from or 09:00, enjoying shared opportunities to drive and fire the locomotive throughout the day plus Guard and ride on the train you will be pulling.

During this hands-on, intensive, full day experience, we’ll take you behind the scenes of the Spa Valley Railway, showing you things that the general public never gets to see and of course, the best bit is a lot of it will be from the footplate!

You’ll enjoy a light lunch and then we’ll put you behind the controls of one of our heritage steam engines to fire, guard and drive the train yourself.

Book this once in a lifetime experience – an extra special treat for yourself or an unforgettable gift for a loved one.

The Spa Valley Railway Bulleid Pacific Driver & Fireman Experience includes:

This is a FULL days experience with our driver and fireman and is priced at £650.

Please note the following/terms and conditions applicable to ALL Driver Experiences:

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Sat 27 Jan 2024
09:30 departing from: Tunbridge Wells West
Sat 03 Feb 2024
09:30 departing from: Tunbridge Wells West