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Driver for a Tenner

Friday 2nd & Saturday 3rd August 2019

Driver for a Tenner!
Have you ever wanted to have a go at driving a real life Steam or Diesel locomotive, even for a short distance? Well at the Spa Valley Railway on selected dates throughout the year we offer you the chance to take to the controls for just £10 for a short distance at Eridge Station or Tunbridge Wells West stations.

Bookings can be made on this page on selected dates only, our Summer Diesel Gala 2nd & 3rd August is all we have available at the moment!

Please note the following/terms and conditions applicable to ALL Driver Experiences:

Booking information

You MUST bring your physical printed or e-ticket with you on the day to show the locomotive crew, therefore if you select an e-ticket please ensure you print it off and bring it with you on the day.

You must also adhere to our terms & conditions and wear the correct clothing/boots for the experience. 

Note that a £10 admin fee applies to all booking alterations.

For our full refund, cancellations and alterations please see here.

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