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Purple Timetable - Diesel Only

All trains will normally be operated by a 1960's heritage diesel unit, Class 73/1 with 3CIG in Push/Pull mode or in the event of a multiple unit/73140 being unavailable a heritage diesel locomotive with carriages will be used.

Purple Timetable – Southern Region Heritage Train    
Tunbridge Wells West dep 10:20 12:00 13:40 15:20
High Rocks dep 10:27 12:07 13:47 15:27
Groombridge dep 10:36 12:16 13:56 15:36
Eridge arr 10:50 12:25 14:05 15:45
Eridge dep 11:10 12:50 14:30 16:10
Groombridge dep 11:22 13:02 14:42 16:26
High Rocks dep 11:30 13:10 14:50 16:33
Tunbridge Wells West arr 11:37 13:17 14:57 16:40

 Whilst we make every effort to operate with a steam locomotive where one is timetabled and also to operate our trains as they are described, for operational reasons we may occasionally need to use a heritage 1960s diesel locomotives, other carriages, an emergency timetable or otherwise.

The Spa Valley Railway reserves the right to make such changes for whatever reason without prior notice being given.


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