Travel for Two: Acorne/VED

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Green Timetable - Steam & Diesel

All trains are hauled by Steam or Heritage 1960's Diesel Locomotives, in the event of the non-availability of a Steam locomotive a Heritage Diesel may be used.

Green Timetable
What will pull our train?   Steam Diesel Steam Diesel
Tunbridge Wells West dep 10:20 12:00 13:40 15:20
High Rocks dep 10:27 12:07 13:47 15:27
Groombridge dep 10:36 12:16 13:56 15:36
Eridge arr 10:50 12:25 14:05 15:45
What will pull our train?   Diesel Steam Diesel Steam
Eridge dep 11:10 12:50 14:30 16:10
Groombridge dep 11:22 13:02 14:42 16:26
High Rocks dep 11:30 13:10 14:50 16:33
Tunbridge Wells West arr 11:37 13:17 14:57 16:40

Booking information

Please DO NOT use this link if you hold a Groupon, Buy a Gift or Travelzoo voucher or to purchase standard travel tickets.

You cannot book a specific train time. Your voucher is converted into an all day ticket.

If your experience voucher includes add ons such as Afternoon Tea or a Hotel Stay etc, please don't try to book these with us. It is a separate voucher and you must contact the hotel directly to book their part. You can convert your train ride voucher only, via this website.

Booking Information:

Add only one ticket for two to the cart
Go to checkout 
Fill in email address twice 
In gift voucher section enter serial number and pin from your voucher. Click apply voucher. 
Wait for the message 'your voucher has been processed' 
Fill in the rest of the details requested, name and address etc
Do not select any payment method 
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If you have multiple vouchers you will need to make a seperate order for each voucher code.

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