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Stock List

A list of Locomotives, Carriages and Cranes at the Spa Valley Railway can be seen below. Please note that not all of these are visible or available to view during your visit. If you wish to see a particular locomotive or item or rolling stock please contact us in advance to see if it is possible. Gala days are often best for seeing as many locomotives in action as possible.

Our Stock List page is undergoing a major update at the moment, every locomotive and carriage will in time have it's own unique webpage. Those pages that are already created can be clicked on either in blue below or at the bottom of this page.

Steam Locomotives:

Diesel Locomotives/Units:


Brake Vans:

We also have various wagons and engineers coaches on the railway which include PMVs, CCTs, BR SHOC and MOD Vans, LMS 3 Plank, Hoppers, RUDDS, Weltrol, Lowmac, Flatrol, Sturgeon and Salmon. A lot of these vehicles see use on Engineers Trains however we occasionally re-create a Freight Train at Special Events or for photo charters / filming work.

Previous resident Steam Locomotives include:

Previous visiting Steam Locomotives include:

*The visit of No. 419 was combined with fellow Caley engine No. 828, together the pair brought in 2,700 visitors to our railway in the space of two weekends and the end result was the biggest and most well attended enthusiasts event in our railways 25yr history. An event that will be remembered for a long time to come, whilst the event is now over the webpage from this historic occassion can still be found here

Previous resident Diesel Locomotives include:

Previous visiting Diesel Locomotives include:

By conducting a search on the following site, a full stock list can be found. LINK.

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